Everything you need to manage all your information and get the best insights

Expertise . Knowledge . Experience

Follow up everything you need, make your own analysis

collect & analyse

report & share

map & insights


Early Warning System

Be the first to anticipate strategies and detect risks


Find first, discover early trends, moves and innovation

Executive Summaries 

Real time information matters to support your decisions


Know how your organisation is performing and benchmark it

Trending reports

Detailed update on all the topics you have to follow up


Organisations, countries or regions, we give you the insights

Stakeholders mapping

Understand who's who, roles, opinions and relevance

Influencers mapping

Follow who are the influencers of your sector and influence them


Premium dashboards allows you to see the big picture 


Secondary sources

One of the most relevant steps of the process is the selection of the sources we are going to analyse within each project. This is of course an open list and a continued process of improvement is required. Studies, statistics, sites, financial data, blogs, media, social media, forums, groups, all are relevant.

Primary research

We are developing a scientific research project, to use in primary research. Involving neuro-science, big data and psychology it will be disruptive and will support brands to understand better the consumer decision.