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Traditional Media

Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)
AVEs are calculated by measuring the column inches (in the case of print), or seconds (in the case of broadcast media) and multiplying these figures by the respective medium's advertising rates (per inch or per second). The resulting number is what it would have cost to place an advertisement of that size in that medium. By assessing all of your media coverage in this way, and aggregating all such calculations, you can assign an overall AVE to your coverage within a certain time period. (IPR)

Opportunity to See/Impressions (OTS) 
OTS/Impressions are "the number of people who might have had the opportunity to be exposed to a story that has appeared in the media;Impressions are also known as 'opportunity to see' (OTS)" . Impressions are indicative of the opportunity to see (OTS). Consider OTS as an alternative nomenclature to better clarify what impressions really means - [the] potential to see/read. (IPR)

PR Value (PRV)
A multiplier applied to the AVE - frequently in the range of 3 to 5 - to allow for the integrity factor of news copy over advertising.