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Providing the best insights since 1996

IM. invisible meaning is a global consulting and research company providing clients with actionable intelligence by analysing and evaluating competitors, markets, stakeholders, innovation, trends and drivers.


The invisible meaning project started based on three main assumptions:

Innovation: we have a lack of tools that combining science, psychology and technology can deliver real differentiation on the marketing intelligence field. We are developing an R&D project to be able to understand better the consumer decision.

Knowledge: organisations are looking for specialised advise to understand the best way to transform the amount of data they have into actionable knowledge that can drive differentiation, innovation, anticipation and risk mitigation.

Expertise:  the resources needed to elaborate great, insightful and simple reports that easily show how companies are performing and what to do next are lacking within the majority of the organisations - give the proper training or outsource this function it's vital to share internally proper insights.


The founders of Invisible Meaning have more than 20 years of experience defining, collecting, analysing and reporting what is relevant to organisations in the competitive field. Together with a network of experts, IM. is able to deliver the information you have to know to drive your business.

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Anticipate the future, everyday, contributing with our knowledge and expertise to make the difference in our Clients' decisions and strategy.


Provide organisations with the insights they need to increase the competitive level, create differentiation, mitigate risks and measure their performance.








Support the diversity, have an open minded behaviour, be supportive, be curious about the future, incentive the knowledge exchange.